About Our Company

Divitech is fully committed to being the best business partner in IT for its customers by increasing customer value, helping create a more convenient and prosperous society, and creating innovation and stable solutions through the establishment of reliable it systems.

Divitech works with the customer in the initial design stages to understand and determine customer needs and to insure that all customer requirements are met accurately, and the project is completed to customer satisfaction.

Our mission and values

Our company operates in an environment in which rapid technological innovation and other factors bring about change on a daily basis. Every day we work to meet the challenge of improving on leading-edge technologies in addition to the informations system technologies we have cultivated since the company's establishment. By staying at the forefront of the broadband/ubiquitous age and further developing our technologies systems, we are able to deliver convenience and comfort to our customers. Everything we do is aimed at winning the trust of our customers and realizing stable it systems and solutions.
Our Engineering staff have been working on markets we specialize in for several years and we have a wide background of experiences to offer. System integrators,suppliers and network specialists work together to provide a system that performs smoothly from commissioning through maintenance.


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